Om Namah Shivay by Juan Carlos Sendin “Priyananda”

During our stay in Venezuela, we saw tremendous popularity of Indian culture. Recorded this at the Yoga Institute of our dear Venezuelan friend Juan Carlos Priyananda Sendin Aham Brahmasmi (two names of the same person), one of the leading Yoga experts of Venezuela. Before his Yoga lessons, watch how he gradually elevates his students to an ecstatic plane…

Glimpses of Venezuela: The recitation of ” OM NAMAH SHIVAY” by Juan Carlos Sendin, popularly know by his spiritual name “Priyananda”, and his disciples in Caracas, 29 March 2014. Priyananda is a leading Yoga teacher of Venezuela who runs Centro Yoga Ashram Ahimsa in Urb La Florida, close to Avila Mountain and Cota Mil, in Caracas. A devotee of Lord Krishna and a Yoga expert, Priyananda is also deeply interested in Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic massages, holistic healing, vegetarian food and various other aspects of Indian culture such as Bhakti, worship of Shiva & Shakti, Tantra, experiments with relevance of Kamasutra etc. Priyananda conducts Yoga classes at his institute as well as mountain and beach resorts, institutions, schools and in “Barrios” (slums) for the disadvantaged people. He also trains new Yoga teachers in Venezuela. An expert in Indian philosophy, he has visited India several times and is truly a cultural bridge between India and Venezuela.



Como enfocar la educación sexual con nuestros hijos

Como enfocar la educación sexual con nuestros hijos.